Hagelswag for Hotel & Foodservice

Interested in potentially serving Hagelswag - chocolate for breakfast in your hotel, restaurant or B&B? We always like to get in touch with breakfast enthousiasts in order to ensure that we start great communication and relationship right from the start.

Why serving real chocolate for breakfast

For decades, hotel guests expected nothing less than a big breakfast buffets featuring an extensive assortment of bread, monopackaging with sweet toppings, eggs and some hot and cold dishes. Those days are gone.

Today, hotel breakfast menus mirror how people’s diets have changed: guests want quality above quantity and preferably learn more about product backgrounds, this is what the experts call "Food Telling". 

Hagelswag at QO Hotel


Keeping this in mind, please have a look at some of our solutions in foodservice.

Bottle service

By far the most popular way of presenting chocolate for breakfast to your guests. One bottle a table which your staff can easily refill using our 5kg catering box.


Big Bottle Buffet

Share the joy of chocolate for breakfast on your buffet by using our Big Bottles. The Big Bottle is also easy to refill using our 5kg catering box.

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