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Every day the Dutch eat over 750.000 slices of bread with chocolate on top. It’s being said that the tradition of chocolate on bread dates back to the 17th century when Amsterdam was the largest cacao harbour in the world.


The Dutch like to eat their chocolate on untoasted bread to appreciate the crunch, but we wouldn’t blame anyone who upgrades his french toast, american pancakes or granola with it. We believe it’s the best breakfast tradition in the world and now is the time to share our love for chocolate on bread with the rest of the world.




We only work with the best ingredients. That's why we created Hagelswag with the finest cacao beans, natural bourbon vanilla and 100% pure cacao butter. The well-balanced chunks are made of premium Fairtrade chocolate. When we say we create the best available chocolate experience on bread, we mean the best experience for everybody. So buying a bottle of Hagelswag helps small-scale farmers in developing countries with a better income.

.. just had to get it
— The Dieline
Leave the Nutella at the kids table and step your game up!
— NUBI Magazine
Hagelslag 2.0
The eye-catcher on the breakfast table
— WANT.nl