"Sometimes it can be hard to find a way to squeeze chocolate into every meal. But the Dutch have been doing it all along, sprinkling their morning toast with chocolate since day 1. A tradition that started more than a century ago in Amsterdam and has been kicked up a notch by Vos&Len. So, leave the Nutella at the kids’ table and step up your game with Hagelswag: damn fine chocolate on bread."

– words by Nubi Magazine.


We believe the Dutch tradition of eating chocolate for breakfast is a tradition worth sharing. That’s why we created Hagelswag: a high quality chocolate to add some swag to your bread, granola, pancakes, oatmeal and yoghurt.

People from over 50 countries world wide are already enjoying Hagelswag, from Brazil to Finland and from Australia to South-Korea.

Hagelswag is made with large amounts of positivity. Not only are we part of a fair trade program, we also work with a sheltered workspace giving people with disabilities a chance to be part of the labour market.

We feel responsibility for the people we work with, the same goes for the environment. That’s why we try to keep our waste to a minimum, do we use as little plastic as possible and do we encourage our costumers to make use of our refill programs.

We hope this way our chocolate brings some positive change to the world!