Introducing Hagelswag




Gerbrand Slag was probably the most famous chocolatier in Amsterdam in the 17th century. Due to the Spanish occupation, Amsterdam was the most important harbor for cacao trade worldwide. In those days, cacao was a luxury product, mostly consumed as a hot beverage. But Gerbrand Slag was no ordinary chocolate maker, he was the most talented and most ambitious chocolatier – in retrospect, he was a visionary. Gerbrand did what no one had done before, he made a chocolate product for everyday use: hagelslag – chocolate sprinkles on bread.

But with his invention came the scorn of his fellow chocolate makers. They weren’t looking for innovation and a product for every simple man. Criticizing the stubbornness of the Dutch he packed his bags, made a large batch of hagelslag and set sail to New Amsterdam, which later became known as the city of New York. But his bad luck didn’t stay behind; with the shore of the Promised Land in sight his ship – The Prince Maurits - sank. Gerbrand survived but the hagelslag did not. And that’s why the world knows our beers and our cheeses but not our beloved chocolate sprinkles on bread.

The story of Gebrand Slag inspired us and sent us on a mission:

We want to finish what he started, and bring those damn fine chocolate chunks from Amsterdam to New York!

.. just had to get it
— The Dieline
Leave the Nutella at the kids table and step your game up!
— NUBI Magazine
Hagelslag 2.0
The eye-catcher on the breakfast table
— WANT.nl

Premium chocolate on bread

55% Cacao - 100% Dutch

Every year, the Dutch eat over 750.000 slices of bread with chocolate on top. We believe it’s a tradition worth spreading. Our biggest challenge was to create Hagelswag in the spirit of Gerbrand Slag, meaning: hand crafted premium chocolate chunks, made with the finest Fairtrade ingredients.

In the 17th century, Gerbrand invented his first chocolate sprinkles by cutting rough blocks of top notch chocolate into small chunks. That's why we gave Hagelswag this rough and tough traditional treatment. Hagelswag chunks contain 55% cacao and taste damn good on a slice of bread with a thick layer of butter.


Gerbrand Slag only worked with the best ingredients. In his spirit, we created Hagelswag with the finest cacao beans, natural bourbon vanilla and 100% pure cacao butter. The well-balanced chunks are made of premium Fairtrade chocolate. When we say we create the best available chocolate experience on bread, we mean the best experience for everybody. So buying a bottle of Hagelswag helps small-scale farmers in developing countries with a better income.


Taste Hagelswag on bread